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- Model SK-3D52 - 3D Flow Measurement System



The Apex Instruments MC-3D52 3-D Flow Measurement Console and System is used in conjunction with the 3-D Pitot to determine velocity pressure, and the yaw and pitch angles of the flow velocity vector in a stack or duct according to U.S. EPA Method 2F (the determination of stack gas velocity and volumetric flow rate with three-dimensional probes). This console features stable and reliable differential pressure transducers for the most demanding of stack testing conditions. A convenient blowback pump, quick connects, temperature display and all voltage outputs are available for easy connection to your data acquisition system.

3-D Flow Modular System Includes:

  • MC-3D52 Digital 3-D Flow Measurement Console Digital Displays for temperature, velocity pressure, pitch pressure, yaw angle.
  • 3DPT2 3-D Pitot, 5 hole prism-shaped tip with 2’ sheath supplied with five 1/8' to 1/4' tube unions.
  • PT-CAL-3D 3-D Pitot Calibration (Wind Tunnel), 60 and 90 fps, pitch from -30 to 30° degrees.
  • 32PTX-4 3-D Pitot Extension, 4’, 2' Diameter Sheath, Split Collar Clamp with 1' ID.
  • 32PTX-5 3-D Pitot Extension, 5’, 2' Diameter Sheath, Split Collar Clamp with 1' ID.
  • 32PTX-6 3-D Pitot Extension, 6’, 2' Diameter Sheath, split collar clamp with 1' ID.
  • 32PTX-8 3-D Pitot Extension, 8’, 2' Diameter Sheath, split collar clamp with 1' ID.
  • 3DCALC1.0 3DCalc Method 2F Data Reduction Spreadsheet (MS Excel Workbook), with calibration DDL file and Excel Macro Link.
  • U-3D-60 U-Cord 60 ft includes 5 pressure lines with 1/4' stainless steel quick connects, signal cable for inclinometer, 1 type K thermal couple extension.
  • INC-S6-50 Inclinometer, S6 sensor, 360 degrees with 2' probe clamp, quadrature pulse output.

  • Stack Temperature: Type-K Thermocouple.
  • Velocity Pressure: (P1-P2) Range 2.5' H2O.
  • Yaw Null: Bidirectional (P2-P3) Range 2.5' H2O 2.5 Bi.
  • Pitch Range: Bidirectional (P4-P5) Range ±2.5' H2O 2.5 Bi.
  • Yaw Angle Range: Quadrature Pulse Output, 180° (static >360°).
  • Output Connector: 9 pin D-Sub connector (all outputs are voltage based).
  • Probe Sensor Inclinometer and Digital Indicator.

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