Apex Pumps

- Model HT - Horizontal Split Casing Pumps


Double suction single stage impeller. Axially split casing. Impeller between bearings for low shaft stress. Packed gland, mechanical seal or cartridge seal. Horizontal or vertical configuration. High efficiency hydraulic design. Stable head-flow curves for parallel operation.


  • Flanges in-line to simplify pipe layout
  • Suction and discharge pipes are both on the bottom half of the casing, allowing the pump to be maintained without disturbing the pipework
  • Low Nett Positive Suction Head protects the pump from cavitation damage
  • Non-overloading power characteristics

Operating Range

  • Discharge flange sizes up to 350mm
  • Maximum flowrate 900 l/sec
  • Max generated pressure 160 metres at 1450rpm
  • Max temperature (standard) 80 deg C
  • Standard working pressure 16 bar [1]
  • Higher working pressures using alternative materials
  • Maximum suction pressure 5 bar

[1] High head pumps rated to 24 bar working pressure, and are hydrostatically tested to 36 bar. Higher working pressures possible with alternative materials.


  • Utilities: raw and treated water and booster duties
  • Building services: Chilled and condenser water circulation and water transfer
  • Industrial: Circulation in steel mills, power stations and cooling towers
  • Process and Chemical works: water transfer, cooling water supply and general services

Operating pressure

Standard pumps are capable of a working pressure of 16 bar [1], and are all hydrostatically tested upon assembly to 24 bar. Alternative materials are available for the pressure containing parts where a higher static system pressure is required, such as circulation duties in high-rise buildings.


Pumps are fitted as standard with flat face flanges in accordance with BS4504 PN16. Pumps designed for operation on high static pressure are fitted with BS4504 PN25 or BS4504 PN40 flanges as appropriate. Other flange standards are available upon request. Pumps are generally supplied complete with electric motor, bedplate, coupling and guard. Horizontal pumps are also suitable for diesel engine drive.

Standard materials

Cast iron casing, cast iron or bronze impeller, stainless steel shaft, bronze or stainless steel shaft sleeves, cast iron or bronze casing wear rings, packed gland or mechanical seal. Impeller wear rings can be fitted where specified.

Alternative materials

Casings and impellers are available in ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel and bronze.

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