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The Apex screening machine combines Gyratory Reciprocating Motion with an ergonomic design which increases productivity while reducing overall downtime. Both maintenance and inspection of the Apex machine can be conducted by a single operator, allowing for less downtime. All screens of the Apex can be inspected in less than 10 minutes and screens can be changed 80% faster. Operator lifted components weigh no more than 18.5kgs with an individual screen panel weighing 2.25kgs.

Positive Screen Cleaning

Bouncing balls keep screen openings clear, maintaining efficiency and capacity

Ergonomic Design

Large access doors allow one person to change a screen panel in less than 2 minutes

Reduced Maintenance

Easy access to discharge sleeves reduces downtime

Tool-less cams

No wrenches are required to open doors or remove screens for inspection or maintenance

Most Apex Screeners can be equipped with aspiration hoods to remove dust and other light material. These hoods allow air to be pulled over the falling product stream and are adjustable for various products and rates. The aspiration feature efficiently removes unwanted, light-weight particles from the product stream. In addition to improving the product quality, the storage and handling of the product is improved with less troublesome foreign material to clog or contaminate the surrounding environment.

Gyratory Reciprocating Motion

The Gyratory Reciprocating Motion gradually diminishes along the length of the machine to an elliptical path and finally to a nearly straight line motion at the discharge end.

Circular motion at feed end

Spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface
Stratifies the material
Aggressively conveys material forward

Changing to elliptical motion at centre

Long stroke elliptical action
Enhances product stratification
Conveys material at high capacity

Straight-line motion at discharge end

Removes near-size particles
Improves screening efficiency
No vertical component ensures material is in constant contact with the screen surface

More Up-Time, More Profit
Easy single operator inspection and maintenance results in increased processing up-time, reduced screening costs and the ability to produce more quality product.

Unique Gyratory Motion
Rotex’s Gyratory-reciprocating motion provides efficient distribution, stratification, and separation resulting in higher yields and less rejection of good material.

New Easy Access Screens
Screens and ball trays are accessible from the side of machine. It’s no longer necessary to remove the top cover of machine to access screens and ball trays.

Durable and Reliable
High quality and rugged Rotex construction featuring abrasion and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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