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- Model 75 and 75 ID - Fill Media



APPLE 75 and APPLE 75 ID fill media are composed of a series of thermoformed high quality PVC sheets glued together to form modules with dimension as in the table. The blocks have a herringbone-type microstructure and, vertically placed one next to the other, they are used as fill media and drift eliminators in cross-flow towers. This PVC has an excellent fire rating due to its selfextinguishing characteristics and meets and exceeds american standard CTI 136 and ASTM E-84. It also have an outstanding resistance to weather exposure, is UV satabilized and is nearly impervious to chemical and biological degradation, acid and greases attack.

APPLE 75 and APPLE 75 ID are designed to promote full wetting of the heat transfer surfaces in all air velocities and water loadings tipically found in cross-flow coolong towers. These media requires to place an adequate supporting structure in the tower; this structure, together with the supporting grids (included in the supply) grant a correct installation of the blocks with an angle from 5° to 7°.

Technical Specifications

Enginereed herringbone surface for better water distribution and less clogging Honeycomb bonded edges on the air inlets and outlets Allowed perfect pack to pack registration for uniform and seamless installation Overlapping packs possibility thanks to supporting structure and supporting grids in applications requiring fill height greater than 3 meters Available both as fill pack (Apple 75) and in the version fill pack with droplet eliminator included (Apple 75 ID)

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