ATI Agritronics Inc.

- Spray Nozzle Calibrator


Quickly and easily ensure your nozzles are applying the correct application rate and check nozzle wear.

  • Easy to use - just place under a spray nozzle for approximately 30 seconds
  • Application rate and flow rate are displayed
  • Accurate - up to 3500 measurements are taken during each test
  • Nozzle readings can be stored

Smart Series model

  • Precision pressure sensor plugs into calibrator and easily connects between nozzle body and spray nozzle
  • Nozzle output and pressure are measured simultaneously to determine nozzle wear
  • Measurements can be recorded by job number and transferred to the AppliPad to create permanent record, email or print-out

100 Series model

  • Nozzle Comparator feature lets you compare individual nozzle output against the average for the sprayer to identify worn or restricted tips

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