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- Model CN - On-Line Cyanide Analyzer



The EnviroLyzer CN is the ideal analytical solution for automatic, compliant, on-line monitoring of cyanide levels in water. The water analyzer runs a chemical analysis based on standard method 4500-CN. The Total CN configuration adds an additional step by processing incoming samples with concentrated acids at high temperature by means of a compact oxidation vessel, neatly integrated into the analyzer housing.

The acute toxicity and wide spread industrial usage of cyanide makes environmental testing critically important. Its chemical composition in environmental samples is affected by factors such as pH, temperature, trace metal content, and the presence of sulfur compounds.

AppliTek’s proprietary controller-database software UPAMATIC is used in the industrial panel PC of the EnviroLyzer Series. The fully integrated software platform comes standard with every analyzer as the human interface but also features a host of functions specifically designed for industrial monitoring needs such as fast data acquisition, industry standard connectivity and various data exchange to supervision possibilities.

  • On-line, automatic colorimetric measurements of total and free cyanide levels
  • Minimalistic design: small footprint, less complexity
  • Complete separation between electronics and wet part
  • Smart features and add-on units reduce down-time and unnecessary checks substantially
  • Up to eight (8) sampling points possible
  • Incorporated industrial panel PC with AppliTek controller software
  • Extended data communication and exchange features

Analysis method
  • Colorimetric measurement after acid digestion and stripping conform with USEPA Method 335.4 (total CN configuration)
  • Colorimetric measurement using isonicotinic barbituric acid conform with standard method 4500-CN (free cyanide configuration)
Standard measuring ranges
  • One single range, factory set:
  • 0 – 100 µg/L CN-
  • Note: higher ranges available by sample dilution
Cycle time
  • Free cyanide: 10 minutes
  • Total cyanide: 70 minutes including oxidation
  • Factory calibrated (2-point)
  • Automatic, free adjustable sequence
Detection limit
  • Better than 1 µg/l (range 0 – 100 µg/L)

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