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The Ra-COMBO  is a renowned respirometric at-line analyzer for conducting semi-automated analysis on the biological activity of activated sludge. The system basically measures the respiration rate (expressed as mg O2/l.h), one of the most important parameters for the biological activity of activated sludge. The analyzer determines short-term Biological Oxygen Demand (BODst) and toxicity (organic / inorganic inhibition) on grab samples of waste water or influent streams. Temperature and pH inside the respiration-aeration vessel are controlled automatically by the panel PC.

The unique design of the Ra-COMBO At-line Analyzer overcomes the disadvantages of other analyzer designs using two oxygen sensors. Instead, the respiration rate measurement used is a patented technology using a single DO-electrode. Today, the respiration technology used knows many references, either in a laboratory environment or in processes.

  • Toxicity assessment of incoming wastewater
  • Tankcleaning companies
  • BODst (short-term BOD) measurement of waste water treatment plant
  • Simulation of treatment processes
  • Research ends

  • Selectable BODst or toxicity measurements on the activated sludge of waste water treatment plants
  • Measurement of the respiration rate by means of a single dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor
  • Use of representative samples from the WWTP
  • Visualization of the respiration rate in real-time
  • Low consumption of nutrient, sludge and waste water
  • Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software
  • Extended data communication and exchange features

This system is also available as an on-line analyzer for process ends. Please check our On-line Analyzers Suite.

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