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- On-Line Total Phosphorus Analyzer



The unique character of theTOPHO On-line Total Phosphorus Analyzer allows operators of industrial and municipal water works to monitor and control in a convenient way the total portion of phosphorous. The analyzer shares similar wet-chemical oxidation techniques that are used for theTONI®On-line Total Nitrogen Analyzer. It runs a chemical analysis based on standard method 4500-P with ascorbic acid reduction and molybdate color solution after persulphate destruction.

The second generationTOPHO marks a dramatic difference with the older model, not only in appearance but also in mainframe and general architecture. Down-scaling the wet-chemical analytical unit was essential in the framework of a global upgrade of the analyzer. Where necessary, wet-chemical components were redesigned for seamless operation:

  • Built-in smart automatic functions
  • Shorter liquid pathways: reagents, cooling, drain
  • Pinch valves outside the cabinet for distribution of cleaning, validation and/or calibration solutions
  • Water-cooled reflux condenser for increased stability
  • Transparent door allows instant 180° visual inspection
  • Reduced environmental footprint (60% weight reduction)

  • On-line, automatic colorimetric measurements of total P conform standard method 4500-P
  • Low temperature wet-chemical oxidation
  • Second generation design with small footprint, shorter liquid pathways and simple maintenance
  • Complete separation between electronics and wet part
  • Multiplexing up to eight (8) sampling points possible
  • Incorporated industrial PC with AppliTek controller software
  • Extended data communication and exchange features

Analysis method
  • Standard method 4500-P
  • Colorimetric measurement using ascorbic acid reduction and molybdate color solution after persulphate destruction in acidic medium
Standard measuring ranges
  • One single range, factory set:
    • 0 – 1 mg/L P
    • 0 – 5 mg/L P
    • 0 – 20 mg/L P
  • Note: higher ranges available by sample dilution
Cycle time
  • 30 minutes including oxidation of 10 minutes
  • Note: oxidation time can be set to 60 minutes for difficult samples
  • Factory calibrated
  • Automatic, free adjustable sequence
Detection limit
  • Better than 5 µg/l (range 0 – 1 mg/L)

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