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Improve client and employee satisfaction with an honest upfront guaranteed price. Flat Rate Plus is the best selling flat rate pricing software on the market. Since 1996, FRP has helped over ten thousand customers. Fully updated for 2018.

  • HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Databases Enter your own parts and repairs. You have complete control over everything.
  • Fast Easy Setup. Flat Rate Pricing in About Two Hours. We’ve done the hard work for you. You just do the fine tuning.
  • Unlimited Printing with NO Annual Fees Print all of the price books you wish, anytime you want and don’t pay us another cent.
  • Optional QuickBooks Integration Eliminate double entry with our easy to use QuickBooks integration software, Account Link.
  • Full Integration With Total Office Manager and Mobile II Get the “whole package” from Aptora and streamline your business operations.
  • Fully Updated for 2018: We have made hundreds of updates to the database.

Key Benefits of HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Software

  • Designate Markup Rates
  • Includes a Labor Rate Calc.
  • Add/Edit Tasks and Parts
  • Export Data into Accounting Software
  • Import ASCII Data
  • Use Your Own Part Numbers or Ours
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Save Time
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Includes Technical Support
  • Integrates with Total Office Manager
Installation and Setup

Installation is simple and takes about ten minutes. To setup the HVAC flat rate pricing software, you only need to answer thirteen questions. You then inactivate the repairs and installations you don’t need. This process might take thirty to forty five minutes.

Printing Your Books

Interfaces seamlessly with the award winning Total office Manager software program.
You can print your books or save them to a disk and let a printing company print them for you. You are allowed to print as many books as you want; anytime you feel like it. Remember, you own this HVAC flat rate pricing software. If you subscribe to a HVAC flat rate pricing book service, you may end up paying a lot more money than you ever imagines.

HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Software Features

We totally rewrote the HVAC Flat Rate Plus User Manual. We took into consideration dozens of suggestions from our valuable user base. It’s packed with tips on how to setup the software, conduct meetings, handle telephone calls, and more.

We include 1 year of free HVAC flat rate pricing software updates and technical support. If you have a question or need help, give us a call.

General HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Software Features

  • We have been making HVAC flat rate pricing systems since about 1996. We have had a lot of years to perfect this product.
  • We have a background in HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical service and installation work. We are contractors who became software people. We are not software people trying to learn the service industry and pretending to understand what it’s like to be a contracting business owner (they have no idea how hard it is).
  • Flat Rate Plus includes an easy to use setup wizard. This wizard makes setting up the HVAC flat rate pricing software and implementing HVAC flat rate pricing even easier and faster.
  • A powerful Labor Rate calculator is included. This full-featured utility is a program in itself. It was designed and written exclusively by us to make calculating your retail labor rates a breeze. This program is integrated into Flat Rate Plus and is a $200.00 value.
  • You may add a company logo or other image to the company information form.
  • An all new Spell Check feature has been added to the program. This utility includes a large dictionary complete with industry specific words.
  • A powerful utility called Task Edit has been added. It allows you to quickly make global changes to hundreds of tasks in seconds.
  • A flexible utility called Labor Edit allows you to add or reduce labor time to hundreds of tasks. Other options allow you to add an intelligent query to your search.
  • Our new and improved export utility includes export formats for many accounting programs. Please contact us for a complete list.
  • An enhanced Import Utility is included. You may export you data in most all popular formats.
  • Use your own part number and your own prices or use ours! We have a built in import for Hodesco, Harrison, and RE Michael. These are among the largest suppliers in the country.
  • The Advanced Search Utility makes it easy to locate what you’re looking for.
  • A Find and Replace Utility allows you to quickly replace our terminology with your own.
  • You can add Travel fees, diagnostic fees, or other flat fees to tasks at a department level and by column. You can also avoid adding fees to tasks with no labor assignment.
  • Our newest HVAC flat rate pricing software version includes hundreds of other small refinements were made to improve performance and intuitiveness.

Enhanced Report Features

  • You have the ability to round the HVAC flat rate pricing repair amounts. For example: $234.87 becomes $235.00. This makes it easier on the technicians and office staff to deal with the paperwork.
  • Reports have the ability to include an image such as a company logo or photo of your building.
  • A label can be included on the footer of all Technician Reports. You have the ability to add notes (by category) to your reports.
  • We now offer you the ability to break out materials and labor fees in your price books (AKA: technician report).
  • An exciting new report was recently added called Commission Report. This Performance Based Compensation report offers you the unique opportunity to provide your coworkers with a report that clearly shows them what they may be paid for the work they complete. You have a lot of power when it comes to options on this report. You can establish a fixed fee for these items of a percentage of retail or gross profit. You can base commissions on retail price or the price you pay. This is a huge addition and one of the most popular feature requests.
  • A new Index/Cross Reference report was added. This report allows the reader to cross reference tasks with parts or parts with tasks. You can quickly look up a task by the part that the task uses.
  • Several new HVAC flat rate price book styles were added. These new styles reflect changes requested by our users.
  • We recently added the ability to print bar codes in place of task and item numbers in all reports. You can even print a list of all tasks with associated items and have both include bar codes.
  • Many new report options have been included offering you even more flexibility than before.

Pricing and Updates
The professionals at Aptora have put thousands of hours of research into working with contractors and distributors to ensure the most accurate prices and product listings.

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