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- Environmental Monitoring System



The AQ-Alert+ Environmental Monitoring System was designed for the surveillance of air quality in schools, offices, homes, public buildings and hotel rooms. The affordable AQ-Alert+ System measures the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air with options to also measure oxygen concentration, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity.  The AQ-Alert+ is completely configurable at time of order, meaning that you can customise the system to exactly meet your specific application needs. We also offer standard versions which suit most customers' application requirements.

  • Customisable CO2 Measuring Ranges
  • Any combination of outputs available on request (current, voltage, RS232, Rs485 (Modbus), relays with configurable switching levels.
  • Traffic light LED indicators that can be set to illuminate at your chosen CO2 levels
  • Low in cost
  • Low power 24Vdc supply voltage
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance free
  • Long term stability

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