Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. (a subsidiary of the METAWATER Group)

- Model MBR - Membrane Bioreactor System



The Aqua-Aerobic MBR system is a unique, time-managed process which uses sequential aeration to promote biological nutrient removal in a simplified unit process. The integration of submerged membranes provides direct filtration of high-level mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS).

  • Modular design supports ease of expansion
  • Positive barrier ensures high quality effluent
  • Integrated equalization minimizes membrane area
  • Submerged membrane technology

Time managed control offers unlimited operational flexibility with fewer tanks
Enhanced biological nutrient removal (EBNR)

  • Total nitrogen < 3 mg/l
  • Total phosphorus < 0.1 mg/l
  • Elevated mixed liquor suspended solids for volume reduction of sludge stabilization
  • Integrated process control
  • Ideal for space restricted applications
  • Rapid solution for augmenting plant capacity

  • Municipal wastewater reclamation
  • Impaired water bodies (TMDL limits)
  • Groundwater re-injection
  • Finished water ideal for further treatment by reverse osmosis
  • Industrial reuse reducing freshwater demands
  • Existing plant upgrades and Retrofits
  • Plant expansions
  • New plant construction

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