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Advanced Pavement Technology presents Aqua-Bricloc — a versatile new shape in permeable pavers used when implementing the Bio-Aquifer Storm System (BASS), a superior paving solution that supports stormwater management and business growth. This paver meets ADA standards for opening size, but it is also designed to handle extremely heavy traffi c loads (similar to port applications or heavy-duty truck loading and parking lots).

Aqua-Bricloc is a patented design paver, available only from Advanced Pavement Technology. Made according to ASTM C936 specifi cations, the pavers can be produced in a variety of custom colors and installed using manual or mechanical methods. The new paver shape can also be combined with other shapes during installation to achieve a number of attractive patterns in an ecological pavement system.

When used as part of Advanced Pavement Technology’s exclusive BASS method, these pavers allow for natural stormwater drainage and groundwater recharge, making the paved surface ecologically sound and economically smart. In fact, the BASS method is an acceptable post-structural Best Management Practice (BMP) used to meet the federal stormwater management requirements. Roads and parking lots created using BASS with these permeable pavers qualify for LEED credits and offer vast benefi ts:

  • Meeting EPA stormwater requirements with a superior solution
  • Achieving signifi cant savings through enhanced land planning
  • Outperforming other systems in harsh climates or with freeze/thaw cycles
  • Delivering maximum strength to handle heavy vehicular traffi c
  • Producing remarkable curb appeal and convenient maintenance access
  • Providing outstanding results on a 50-year life-cycle cost analysis

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