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- Model Ultra BOSS D225 - High Pressure Waterjet Blasting


The D-225 Ultra BOSS is the 'Ultimate' in our line of Aqua Miser high-pressure blaster/cleaner system. The D-225 is computer controlled via transducers and a full color touch screen, self-sufficient, diesel powered high-pressure blasting/cleaning system used as a water only unit or combined with our patented low volume abrasive media injection system. This is a standard feature on all D-225 units. With this combination of blasting technologies there isn’t much this unit can’t do. All that is required is a clean adequate water supply source of 15-20gpm or greater. The D-225 is a sturdy framed mobile blast system intergraded with tandem axles and a tongue so as to function as a trailer unit. The D-225 is also available in a skid mount version. Either unit is capable of being lifted by crane in or on to any job site via a sturdy center lifting bale, also standard on all D-225 units.

The D-225 is capable of pressures up to 40,000psi@6.2gpm in the mono gun mode and 3.1gpm in the dual gun mode. The dual gun mode is achieved by the use of (2) tumble boxes. Each tumble box is sized to match the gun pressure. This means that there is considerably less water to contain and dispose of. The lower than most gpm directly relates to less operator fatigue due to reduced gun thrust. Also, less water is required to complete the job (only a ¾” garden hose is needed for feed water).

The Aqua Miser D-225 Ultra BOSS abrasive injection system is different than any other system out today. This pressure fed system feeds virtually any abrasive media up to distances exceeding 500 ft away or up to 200 ft straight up. The abrasives are used to attain a wide variety of blasting specifications, including concrete preparation, profiling steel, white metal finish, degreasing and cleaning to name a few. The D-225 can use traditional standard abrasives for high strip rates, as well as water soluble abrasives for environmentally sensitive work. Using our micro media flow control system you can adapt to complete delicate blasting needs and requirements. Other features include a robust 38cfm rotary screw air compressor. This means there’s no need for an external air source. The D-225 is triggered electrically by the operator. This triggering system uses micro voltage technology via an intrinsic barrier to prevent any shock hazards to the operator or create a spark while working in flammable areas. All controls of the D-225 are electric over pneumatic so all actions of the unit are controlled electrically but air actuated. When the trigger is engaged the unit will engage the PTO and the engine throttle. Engine RPM will increase until the HP pump pressure reaches the HP set point called out and set on the full color touch control screen. When the trigger is disengaged the unit returns to an idle state and makes no pressure. This on and off control system translates into less fuel use, less wear and tear on the system, and eliminates the need for expensive un-loaders, dump valves and tumble boxes.

Components and features of the Aqua Miser D-225 Ultra BOSS include:

  • Control system- Red Lion all weather full color touch screen and display incorporated with an Allen Bradly PLC controller. All system components and conditions fully monitored by transducers and indicated on the touch screen. HP pressure selection and control from the touch screen. Select and forget. No analog gages. A single monitoring point.
  • Diesel Engine – John Deere engine rated at 225 horsepower: comes with a 2 year, 2000 hour warranty: Engine power is transferred to the HP pump via an air-operated snap over center power takeoff (PTO). The diesel engine control panel displays all engine functions as well as starting and stopping the engine. The panel also indicates and controls engine faults and shut downs. In the case of an E-Stop condition either local or remote will also be indicated on the engine control panel screen.
  • HP Pump – Is a positive displacement triplex plunger pump. It is designed for long life and use in corrosive and harsh industrial operating environments. Constructed of high quality, durable metals such as heat treated stainless steel, which limits the wear and tear of critical parts and modules. The in-line valves sets are manufactured from specialty exotic and heat treated metals, built to withstand the required high pressure stresses. They deliver smooth and quiet operation with virtually any free flowing liquid. Ease of maintenance features include easily removable individual heads and cylinders–no special tools or equipment is needed.
  • 10 hp 38cfm, heavy duty rotary screw air compressor.
  • Diesel fuel tank–29 gallon capacity: fuel level sending unit with low level shut down via the PLC.
  • Trailer- the entire D-225 high pressure system is mounted on 2 heavy duty 7000 pound capacity rubber torsion style axles, featuring DOT-approved electric brakes. Only the trailer style unit has step fenders the entire length of the unit. The fender brackets house LED tail lights as well as brake and turn signals: centered lifting bail: 4 corner pipe mount swivel jack stands: removable tongue
  • Water Tank – 50 gallon capacity: Float-operated filler valve: in tank low water float switch.
  • Filtration system – A single 30 micron high capacity bag water filter with standard garden hose thread fitting: A single 2 micron bag filter in a closed loop between HP pump and water tank.
  • Abrasive Pot – weatherproof cover: 3.5 cubic foot capacity: fill strainer: meets ASME certification (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) code
  • Shock mounted frame – The air compressor, engine and pump frame is shock mounted to unit base removing vibration to the rest of the unit.
  • Weight and Dimensions – 11,750 pounds (empty weight): 91.5' high by 160' long by 85.5' wide.
  • All optional 40K accessories are usable on the D-225. (See Optional Accessories).

The Aqua MiserD-225 Ultra BOSS high-pressure blasting/cleaning system that has proven itself in a variety of industrial and commercial environments and other applications throughout the United States, including:

  • general plant maintenance
  • highway and bridge restoration and painting
  • power plants
  • aircraft maintenance and painting
  • military and reserve bases
  • municipal governments
  • the railroad industry. Need more information or technical assistance? Call or contact the specialists at CESCO today for additional details about the Aqua MiserD-225 Ultra BOSS high-pressure system!

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