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- Model AS - Aqua Soluble De-Dusting Oil


A aqua soluble de-dusting oil of long chain aryl aromatic sulphonated product with long chain aliphatic product to produce low surface tension give excellent agglomeration of finer & micro disperse particles, which are easily air born at the time of unloading the dyes in the dye-bath or at the time of packing & repacking. Because of this character it reduce the bulk density of the product, so higher weight of material can be packed in smaller size of drums. DUSTRON AS can be used in Direct, Acid, Metal Complex, Reactive (V.S. base), Disperse and Vat Dyes.

Chemical Specification

(1)      Physical Appearance          :-         Brownish Liquid      

(2)      pH                                           :-         9.0

(3)      Ionic Nature                         :-         Anionic

(4)      Specific Gravity                   :-         1.0340

(5)      Surface Tension of              :-         33.58 dyn/cm2

1% Solution             

(6)      Viscosity                                :-         With 4 D Cup. - 2 min. 55 sec.

(7)      Flash Point                            :-         1950 C

(8)      Solubility in Water               :-         hazy solution

(9)      Stability in Water                :-         Stable in hard water

(10)    Dyeing condition                  :-         for 60 Minute

(i)        Temp. Stability         :-         Up to 1300c

(ii)       At 4.5 pH                   :-         Stable

(iii)      At 11 pH                     :-         Stable

(iv)      Filtration test           :-         No residue

(2/4 No. Filter Paper)



The product can not be used in Mono-Chloro Triazynyl and Dichloro Triazynyl type of reactive dyes because it has a free – OH group which is condense with active chloro group of reactive dyes hence the dyes shows reduced in strength on storage.

Dosage:– 10 gm to 20 gm per Kg of Finish Dyes

Method of Application:-      DUSTRON AS can be used in both blender & spray dryer type of application, because of higher flash point.

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