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Fresh water bodies often suffer from a lack of oxygen, resulting in heavy algae growth that can kill fish populations, ruin the esthetic value, and ultimately eradicate a lake or pond. Effective in all seasons, the addition of an Aqua Tornado can dramatically improve the quality of water in a lake or pond and can maintain large ice-free areas during winter operation. Fluence’s Aqua Tornado is designed to provide both aeration and mixing, assisting the natural aquatic rejuvenation process by increasing dissolved oxygen levels providing needed circulation, and maintaining aerobic conditions throughout the water

The Aqua Tornado injects air into the water at a high velocity at the open propeller hub. The turbulence and flow created by the propeller breaks-up the air bubbles, mixes, and disperses oxygen over a wide area. The horizontal water movement greatly limits algae growth, while stimulating decomposition of organic wastes and runoff nutrients from surrounding green areas. Aeration quietly occurs just below the surface with no spraying or splashing, reducing odors.

The Aqua Tornado is a float-mounted aeration device that features a large-diameter stationary draft tube with unrestricted air intake and a large propeller. The angle of the aerator is adjustable to allow the user to control the amount of circulation and the depth of the bubble stream.This self-contained unit requires no additional blowers, pumps, or mounting platforms. It features water-lubricated lower bearings for use in water reservoirs and lakes where grease lubricated submerged bearings are prohibited. The Aqua Tornado is ideally suited for water bodies ranging in depth from 4 to 15 feet (1.2- 4.6m) and can be used alone or in groups. It is lightweight and easily installed to begin treatment immediately. Decorative, lightweight, simulated rock covers are available to blend the aerator into the natural surroundings.

Available in 2 and 3 horsepower (1.5 and 2.25kW) units at 50 or 60 Hz.

  • Ideally suited for ponds and lakes from four to fifteen feet deep.
  • Maintaining ice-free areas in winter for wildlife and preventing ice damage to in-water structures.
  • Reducing bottom muck for a healthier aquatic environment
  • Controlling algae and foul aquatic odors.• Adding oxygen to prevent fish kills.
  • Maintaining high quality water for use with irrigation systems.

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