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Fine bubble formation by microturbulence is maximized by the SCREWPELLER design, that ensures optimal transfer of the kinetic energy on the water surface: Spray injected in the water surface over 360 degrees creates secondary turbulences with result of moving and spreading the bubbles over the reactor volume. This way, a small screw centrifugal impeller at high speed can mix and aerate a big area.

  • High efficiency in real operating conditions due to high α-factor : Size of the microturbulence-formed bubbles is less influenced by the sludge concentration
  • Very low forces on the motor bearings, thanks to the SCREWPELLER design, allowing unit powers up to 200 kW, and resulting in a very long lifetime
  • Frequent starts and stops (timer, frequency controller, D.O. probes, double speed motors) are no problem due to direct coupled, robust and vibration-free SCREWPELLER
  • SCREWPELLER is not damaging the sludge flocs, as the design is of the same family as impellers for sludge recirculation pumps
  • High oxygen dispersion over large areas
  • Simple and quick installation, basin needs not to be emptied
  • High flexibility (easy interchange of units when capacity needs to be raised, also rental
  • aerators possible)
  • Low investment cost for the complete installation
  • No baffling needed (thus optimal flow pattern is preserved), no surging
  • No gearbox (thus high lifetime), very limited maintenance needed (no oil renewal)
  • Low aerosol dispersion
  • Capacity to keep water temperature more stable

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