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- Model A-Series-LCD-HW - UV – Disinfection Systems



Compact Construction. Electropolished V4A steel chamber designed for working pressure of up to 12 bar. Sample collection tap for inflow and outflow. Electronic control gear with integrated radiator current measuring loop. Selective UV-C intensity monitoring in accordance with DVGW standard worksheet W-294, Austrian standard 5873-1 with 4-20 mA signal output LCD display with absolute. UV-C intensity in W/m2, operating hours and counter for start-ups and power failures, floating relay contacts for alarm and pre-alarm. Remote control capability. Power failure-proof. High-power radiators with long-life technology. High-quality hard quartz. Integrated wall-mounting plate on irradiation chamber. Economical.

  • Drinking water supply
  • Industrial process water
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Beverage industry and breweries
  • Food industry
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pure and ultrapure water disinfection
  • Units for cold and hot water (legionella bacteria)
  • Swimming pools and jacuzzis

  • Flow control
  • Flow measurement via impulse or MID
  • Temperature monitor with rejection valve
  • Connecting coupling in V4A 1.4404
  • Shut-off valve

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