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- Screening / Filter Media


Interior sidewalls and floor shall be covered with a filter media sized appropriately to retain flocculated solids while filtered water is allowed to pass through and be collected in a common collection chamber, then discharged from the drain ports. Filter media shall be installed on six (6) sides, covering a minimum 410 square feet (within the 30 yd ADS Dewatering Unit) or minimum 205 square feet (within the 15 yd ADS Dewatering Unit) of interior walls and floor, including both sides of center dividing wall.


Standard filter media (i.e. for septage, trap grease, municipal sludge) shall be a monofilament modified satin polyester filter material having a 437 CFM, Tensile Strength of 1890 LB/IN², particulate retention of 330 microns and shall include a 5 year warranty for normal wear and tear.

Filter media shall be installed to 3/4 #9 hot dipped galvanized expanded metal using stainless steel button head bolts and stainless steel locking cap nuts. All filter media shall be mounted flush and tensioned properly.

Any of over 200 different filter media are available for use in diverse applications. Warranty varies according to specific filter media used.

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