- Model FT - No - Shear Flocculation Tank Mixing System



The EnviroMixAquaBlend-FT system provides mixing in water treatment flocculation tanks by firing programmed short bursts of compressed air through engineered patented nozzles. AquaBlend-FT controller air injection valves fire large (e.g., 4'0) gas volumes through a distributed nozzle array located across the tank floor. Compressed air is intermittently and sequentially fired in fractional second durations to mix a flocculation tank both vertically and horizontally.

The AquaBlend-FT control system utilizes four parameters (pressure, sequence, duration, and frequency) to control the firing of the air injection valves in order to match the different mixing requirements within multi-stage flocculation tank systems. Process probe data signals may also be interpreted by the AquaBlend-FT control system to vary mixing intensity in response to real-time conditions. The firing parameters in combination with nozzle location respond to flocculator inlet and outlet locations and counter short- circuiting and floc-destructive energy.

Reduced Maintenance
Legacy mechanical flocculators contain an extensive assortment of maintenance components, such as motors, gearboxes, underwater bearings, chains, wooden materials, shafts and couplings—all of which may corrode and fail. These components usually require that the entire treatment train be taken out of service, which may not be a viable option. Instead, AquaBlend-FT underwater components consist only of stainless steel piping and nozzles that are durable, non-clogging and self- cleaning. The long-lived air injection valves, located in a control panel on the tank walkway, may be easily replaced within minutes. Mechanical flocculators require at least one motor per basin. However, AquaBlend-FT system power utilization is efficiently applied across multiple tanks, by using a single,  optimally-sized and easily-maintained compressor.

  • Gentle, no-shear floe formation
  • No mechanical or electrical Components in the water
  • Non-clogging, self-cleaning 316SS in-tank components
  • Adjustable firing parameters for varying mixing requirements
  • One AquaBlend-FT compressor may be used to efficiently mix over 40 tanks

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