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Aquabond Media


Omnipure Filter Company has developed a proprietary patented manufacturing process for preparing specialty granular media for use in a variety of drinking water treatment applications. The primary feature of this technology is that it permits the permanent bonding of the fine powdered particles onto larger support particles to form unique composites that are application specific.

Versatility of Process

The Aquabond™ process allows the bonding of single or multiple types of extremely small sized particles onto a single support structure. For example, fine powdered lead sorbents bonded onto larger carbon support structures. This unique feature enables Omnipure to produce complex composite filtration media that can meet the requirements of complicated water contamination problems.

Increased Surface Area

The ability to bond extremely fine powdered media onto larger support particles results in increased surface area and improved kinetic efficiency. Instead of having one large particle available for filtration purposes, the Aquabond™ technology makes possible the bonding of thousands of fine particles onto the surface of the larger support particles which greatly increases the surface area of the composite media.

Minimal Fines Release

Aquabond™ media releases virtually no fines during start-up. The amount of fines that are released in the effluent is similar to most activated carbon block filter elements.

Enhanced Kinetics

The process of increasing the surface area of a media enhances the adsorption kinetics and catalytic effects of that media. Consequently, the Aquabond™ technology allows us to use less media and still achieve similar or superior filtration results. As a result, with this technology, we are now able to design smaller, more aesthetically appealing filtration devices with excellent performance characteristics.

Improved Performance

Aquabond™ media has improved catalytic and adsorption characteristics because of the increase in surface area and kinetic activity. Test results have proven that Aquabond™ composite adsorption products exceed the performance characteristics of simple, one component, granular based products.

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