- Internet-Based Monitoring & Builds Control Systems



Aquacare builds control systems to monitor and control all critical parameters such as temperature, flow, tank levels, oxygen levels, pumps and other critical parameters with multiple built in configurable alarms.

The systems provide the information necessary for the efficient management of the facility. Aquacare strives to design systems that are simple, intuitive and operator friendly.

Local PLC based control panels with touch screen operator interfaces provide local control of each system or subsystem. Larger aquaculture facilities have multiple control panels. All local control panels can be integrated together and monitored and controlled from a central location, locally or remotely, by a SCADA system.


Aquacare SCADA systems provide a customized control and monitoring capability to meet the specific needs of each site. The SCADA system monitors and controls the local PLC systems from a centralized location.

Features and Opetions

  • Control and Monitoring from any remote location
  • Intuitive Graphical Interfaces
  • Built-In Menus, Help Screens & Security Levels
  • Annunciation of Alarms & Events
  • Auto-Dialer, Email & pager capabilities Data export to spreadsheet programs
  • Real Time & Historical Trending of all monitored parameters

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