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- Model S200 - Stationary Wastewater Sampler



The S200 is the simplest of the refrigerated Aquacell Stationary Wastewater Sampler range. Where an indoor refrigerated Sampler is required for a secure location the S200 is the perfect solution. As with every Sampler in the Aquacell range the S200 model incorporates the well proven and dependable Aquacell Module

  • MCERTs compliant

  • The Aquacell S200 can be used with many of the non Integral range of Sample Collection Vessels

  • Separate lockable Sampler Cover and Refrigeration compartment

  • Via the Ancillary Signal Connection all Portable models can be connected to, and controlled by, external equipment such as Flow Meters, pH Meters, PLCs etc.

  • Power Options
    • 110 / 220 / 230VAC/50hz
  • Sample Collection Vessel compatibility:
    • Single Container Options: All
    • Multiple Container Options: All Removable Bottlers    (excl. Self-Emptying)
  • Dimension: 1250x500x600mm(HxWxD)
  • Weight: 46.0kg (excluding SCV and optional extras)
  • Intake Hose length: 10m
  • Ambient working temperature range: 5°C to 40°C

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