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- Model P.2 - Portable Wastewaters (Compact/Multiform)



All models suitable for indoor and outdoor operation. With an ambient operation temperature range of -10°C to 50°C the .P2 Series offer true ‘all condition’ flexibility. All key electronic equipment is housed in the rugged, humidity controlled body of the Aquacell Module. The lockable Front Cover combined with ‘loop through’ Security Cords provide the Aquacell.P2SERIES with protection in vulnerable locations. Collected samples are stored in the selected Sample Collection Vessel(s). Being separate from the Aquacell Module and programming interface, this arrangement means the user can interrogate the program and carry out routine maintenance without the need to disturb the samples or sampling program.

  • Access and retrieval of collected samples could not be easier with the slide out design of the Aquacell.P2SERIES multiform samplers.
  • Via the Ancillary Signal Connection all Aquacell.P2SERIES can be connected to and controlled by external equipment such as Flow Meters, pH Meters, PLCs etc.
  • All Aquacell.P2SERIES Samplers can be supplied with a choice of four Power Options. Integral 12VDC Battery, external 12VDC, single phase AC or single phase AC with trickle charged 12VDC backup battery

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