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Injecta S.r.l.

- Model S.300 - Industrial Wastewaters System



Standard Cabinet constructed from Galvanised Steel with 10 stage preparation process and finished in architectural, high durability white paint. Stainless Steel is also available as an option. All finishes are extremely durable and weather resistant. All key electronic equipment is housed in the upper rear compartment thus minimising exposure with corrosive gases and potential flood water. All S.300SERIES can incorporate the complete range of Aquamatic Sampler Collection Vessels (See Sample Collection Vessels and Technical Specification pages for details).

  • Separate lockable compartments providing flexibility and security in exposed or vulnerable locations
  • Collected Samples are stored in the Lower Compartment, which is separate from the Sampling module and programming interface, thus enabling Sampler Maintenance and program inspection without the need to disturb the samples
  • Both S.320SERIES incorporate Sample Temperature Control. This ensures that the collected samples are preserved at an optimal temperature (0°C and 5°C) whilst awaiting collection / inspection. This is particularly useful when sampling biologically active wastewater

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