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AquaClean - Anaerobic Digestion - Microbial Products to enhance Anaerobic Digester Performance. AquaClean™ Products are each a broad diversity of naturally occuring bacteria species in a stable, liquid form which, when applied to organic waste, significantly reduce odours and improve biological process stability and yield.

In anaerobic digestion, AquaClean Products provide the following benefits:
  • Improve Hydrolysis - the rate limiting step.
  • Improved process stability
  • Stabilise nitrogen and reduce odour
  • Improve breakdown of cellulosic and hard to digest materials
  • Increase gas yields
AquaClean Products are natural, non-pathogenic and with no genetically modified organisms.  
Instructions for use:
  • For best results, apply AquaClean products as part of a hydrolysis step, in advance of the main reactor.   
  • AquaClean Products can be applied direct from the container or prepared on site in a bio-reactor (recommended).  Various treatment options are available depending on type of process and waste.

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