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Water Treatment Specialists stock and supply a large inventory of top brand cartridge and bag filters to meet any application no matter the size. Cartridge and bag filters are an excellent source for filtration of sediment particles with micron ratings from 0.2 up to 200+ microns.

Most cartridge type sediment filters are designed to flow water through the exterior wall of the filter then into the inner core. This allows an even flow of water through the complete length and circumference of the filter cartridge. This is especially true with depth filters. Pleated filters have a higher filtering surface and capacity.

There are many applications for water filters. Chemicals and pesticides can be removed with specialty filters. Other uses for filters are to remove metals, dissolved solids (TDS), or suspended solids (TSS).

Sediment filters come in many micron sizes. They are designed to stop sediment of a pre- determined size and let the smaller particles pass through. Sediment filters are usually replaced once they have reached their filtering capacity. Automatic backwashing filters are a little different.

Automatic backwashing filters are designed based on sediment type and micron specifications. Layers of natural media such as sand, garnet, and anthracite are used to filter out an array of contaminants. Particles are retained in the bed of media then backwashed by reversing the water flow.  This removes the contaminants from the filtration system.

Nominal and Absolute

Sediment filters are rated by the manufacture. The most common of these are nominal and absolute.


  • A filter that will filter out at least 85% of the particles of the size it is rated for.


  • A filter that will reject all of the particles of a given size. The rating is for tight filters where efficiency is imperative. Filters that are used to remove bacteria’s fall under this category.

Depth Filters

  • A type of filter that uses a porous filtration material to collect contaminates throughout the filter element. These filters are used where the water filtered contains a high load of contaminates. They are designed to retain a large mass of particles before becoming clogged.

Surface Filters

  • These filters are also known as pleated filters. They are made with a thin sheet of material that only trap surface particles. The pleated design offers more surface filtering area than depth filters.

Adsorptive Filters

  • These filters are available in both pleated and depth forms. Adsorptive filters can be manufactured in an easy-flowing 2 micron configuration and can retain colloidal contaminants smaller than 2 microns that usually pass through standard filters.

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