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- Model 5100 Price Type - Current Meter Digitizer



The AquaCount provides a digital readout for Price-type AA and Pygmy current meters. It eliminates use of the headphone and stopwatch while it is a simplified version of the AquaCalc 5000 flow computer. The AquaCount not only counts the revolutions, calculates and displays velocity in feet per second or meters per second, but time, revolutions and velocity are all simultaneously displayed on the LCD display. The AquaCount can be used with no modification or retro-fit of a standard Price-type current meter. Just plug it into the same connector you have for your headphone and immediately start reading velocity, revolutions and time. The AquaCount can be used with wading rods or cable suspended systems. It uses the same advanced CMOS circuitry as the AquaCalc 5000 which has proven itself in the USGS to be the accepted standard.

  • Directly compatible with any existing Price-type current meter. No retrofit or modification required.
  • Advanced CMOS circuitry with crystal based timing for accu- rate and reliable measurements.
  • Display simultaneously shows velocity, revolutions and time. No need to wait until the end of a measurement cycle.
  • Easy to read 32 character LCD display reading 4 significant figures.
  • Uses a single 9 V battery with power conserving standby circuitry for long battery life.
  • Sealed membrane buttons and water resistant sealed circuitry.

  • Size:7' x 4' x 1' (18 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm)
  • Weight:1 lb. (.4 kg)
  • Velocity Range: 0 to 25 ft/sec. (0 to 7.6 m/sec.)
  • Temperature Range:- 20 degrees C to + 70 degrees C
  • Display Resolution: 0.001

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