- Model 250 - Fine Bubble Air Diffuser

Increase the transfer air / liquid and avoid the phenomenon of coalescence. The AQUADISC 250 fine bubble air diffuser distributes the bubbles over the whole membrane surface to increase air/liquid transfer and to avoid coalescence. It is mostly used for aerating and oxygenating activated sludge tanks at municipal or industrial treatment plants.

  • Diameter of the EPDM membrane: 250 mm
  • Unit air flow range : 1 to 5 Nm³/h
  • Usual air flow : 3 to 3.5 Nm³/h

The AQUADISC 250 fine bubble air diffuser is entirely developed and made in France.

The AQUADISC 250 diffuser has three entirely separate components:

  • The support base of the AQUADISC 250 fine bubble air diffuser is made of a moulded polypropylene disc. It can be fixed on the air distribution pipes by a threaded nipple ¾
  • The disc is covered with a stout EPDM membrane regularly perforated
  • The membrane is secured upon the disc by stainless steel clamping ring.

  • It  may be installed on a stainless steel or PVC framework ;
  • The aeration system of which it is a part may be fixed or liftable ;
  • The membrane is also available in silicone.