Aqua Euro

Aqua Euro

- Iron and Manganese Removal System 23Lpm



Whole House Iron and Manganese Removal System will treat a Property using standard 15mm Pipework with flow rates Up to 23LPM. Economical Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide Filtration Media that out performs most traditional media. No Oxidizing Chemicals Required. Effective from 5PH - 9 pH. The system has been designed to easily treat you iron an manganese problem. The System will require a backwash on a daily basis in order that the treatment process remains effective.

  • Height 1375mm Approx
  • Diameter 255mm Approx
  • Connections 1 ' BSP Inlet, Outlet
  • Drain pre Connected 3/4 hose
  • Max Flow Rate 23 lpm
  • Minimum Flow rate for backwash 20lpm
  • PH Range 5-9
  • ORP >negative 170 Millivolts
  • Removal Rates
  • Iron 15.00 PPM (15000 ug/l)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide 7 PPM (7000ug/l)
  • Manganese 3 PPM (3000 ug/l)

This media is suitable for use in most water conditions ORP Level must be above negative 170 millivolts, for conditions above 170 millivolts an additional oxidant may be required.

We strongly advise that if you are in any doubt regarding the suitability of this product, that you obtain a full water analysis and seek advice from one of our technical staff before going ahead with your purchase.

This system is designed only for the removal Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide. Please seek advice from our technical team if you have other contaminants in your water supply that may be either harmful or effect the operation of this system.

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