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For over 60 years, Food & Beverage installations worldwide, as well as Life Sciences and Microelectronic applications have relied on the quality and proven performance of Aquafine’s CSL series. Using collaborative customer input, the proven architecture of the CSL series has been transformed by Aquafine; the result is our refined CSL plus series. This system provides superior performance, custom specifications, simplified maintenance and maximized UV lamp output at end-of-lamp life.

The CSL plus series consists of 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a 304L stainless steel control panel in one integral unit. At the heart of the system is a new LCD controller which provides the user with a centralized real time status display and includes some of our optional features as standard. Additionally, enhanced endof- lamp life output increases the dose and flow capacities of this product line and are CE rated for 240V. The compact size maximizes installation flexibility and preserves floorspace. Aquafine’s singleended (SE) lamps allow quick change-outs without tools. There are upgrades for legacy models available. Flow rates are also available for other applications.

The sophisticated CSL plus series medium-flow models are engineered for indoor installation and controlled operating environments in numerous markets and applications.

While disinfection is the most common application for ultraviolet (UV) technology in water treatment, ozone destruction and TOC reduction are also common. After considering the appropriate variables, a properly designed and sized UV unit can be guaranteed and customized to suit your application needs, ensuring the integrity of the process and product.

UV Technology
Aquafine ultraviolet (UV) systems are engineered to focus the power of concentrated UV light utilizing one or several specially designed lamps. UV technology is used throughout the world, in a wide array of applications, as a environmentally responsible way to disinfect and safeguard water against harmful microorganisms.

Guaranteed Performance and Support Services
All of our systems come with a lifetime disinfection guarantee. Customer support is available from our Authorized Distributor Network and from our 24/7 Technical Service Group.

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