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- Model TSG 240 - High Performance UV System



Utilizing medium-pressure lamp technology, Aquafine’s MPR systems meet and exceed the diverse needs of market-specific applications for disinfection and chloramines reduction.

MPR Series
These systems are ideal for flow rates greater than 25 gpm given the efficiencies gained in meeting dosage-intensive applications while being economically competitive.

The MPR series consists of 316L stainless steel, matte finish treatment chamber and a UL Type 12 painted carbon steel control cabinet, featuring a microprocessor-based controller and optional automatic wiper. The incorporation of MP lamp technology reduces the number of lamps by 90 percent, reducing footprint and downtime requirements, and decreasing installation and maintenance costs.

With a reduced footprint, higher flow rates and state-of-the-art MP technology, Aquafine’s MPR systems are an innovative, reliable and environmentally responsible alternative. All systems in the series are CE compliant, as well as cULus and NSF 50 certified.

Aquafine MPR systems meet the rigid quality standards of the Recreational Waters market.

Lamp Technology
Medium-pressure (MP) lamp technology produces significantly higher levels of UV energy than low-pressure (LP) lamps, resulting in fewer lamps. MP lamps are polychromatic and produce a broad range of wavelengths, highly effective in inactivating microorganisms and reducing chemical compounds present in water.

Safe & Effective
Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a chemical-free process that adds nothing to the water except UV light. It provides rapid, effective inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process. When bacteria, viruses and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting. No carcinogenic disinfection by-products are created, and no transportation, storage or handling of toxic or corrosive chemicals is necessary.

Guaranteed Performance and Support Services
All of our systems come with a lifetime disinfection guarantee. Customer support is available from our Authorized Distributor Network and from our 24/7 Technical Service Group.

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