- (Activated Carbon) For Active Capping or In-Situ Treatment



AquaGate+PAC provides a means to place powder activated carbon (PAC) through the water to a contaminated sediment surface.  This can be done with the material blended with other granular capping materials (i.e. sand) to achieve a uniform distribution within an 'Active Cap', or it can be placed alone in very thin layers to achieve a low impact, in-situ treatment to reduce the bio-availability of contaminants within the sediment.


AquaGate+PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon) is a patented, composite-aggregate technology resembling small stones typically comprised of a dense aggregate core, clay or clay-sized materials, polymers, and fine-grained activated carbon additives.

AquaGate+PAC serves as a delivery mechanism to reliably place reactive capping materials into aquatic environments.

  • Aggregate: Nominal AASHTO #8 (1/4-3/8”) or custom-sized to meet project-specific need
    • Limestone or non-calcareous substitute, as deemed project-appropriate
  • Clay: Bentonite (or montmorillonite derivative)
    • Typically 5 – 10% by weight
  • Activated Carbon: Powdered – Iodine Number 800 mg/g (minimum)
    • 99% (minimum) through 100 mesh sieve
    • 95% (minimum) through 200 mesh sieve
    • 90% (minimum) through 325 mesh sieve
    • Typically 2 – 5% by weight
  • Binder: Cellulosic polymer
  • Permeability: 1 x 10-1 to 1 x 10-2 cm/sec
  • Dry Bulk Density: 85 – 90 lbs/ft3

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