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Aqualine UV systems is the disinfection process of in effecting microorganisms without adding any chemical or oxidant to water.

By means of Ultraviolet lamp placed inside glass cover similar to tube, dosage adjusted UV LIGHT is given to inlet water of the equipment. This ultraviolet lights breaks DNA structure of microorganisms, makes them ineffective. By this way, % 99.9 average ratio of disinfection productivity is supplied.

To be able to kill microorganisms with this system, ultraviolet light must directly hit over them. For this reason, before water enters in ultraviolet system, parameters such as sediment, cloudiness must be removed from water. Sand filter or cartridge filters are recommended to be used before ultraviolet.

Another subject that must be paid attention at ultraviolet systems, system must be used as much close as to final use area. Beside this, outlet water from system must especially not enter into separate unit open to atmosphere and must be used with out delay. To obtain good productivity from ultraviolet units, periodical maintenance is important. UV lamp change once a year and periodical Quartz glass cleaning depending on raw water Quality must be made. Incase, this cleaning is not made, UV light affect will decrease and output of equipment will decrease.


  • Easy Application,.
  • Disinfection capability is high
  • Does not create residual substances in water
  • Doesn’t effect taste of water
  • There is no formation of corrosive substances
  • Economic


  • 304 Quality stainless steel body
  • Powe sıpply 220 V 50 Hz
  • Operating pressure 8 Bar
  • Lamp Life 9000 hours
  • Operating temperature 2-40 oC
  • Connection type produced as Nipel (Outer Gear).
  • Lamp Brand FIRSTLIGHT ( ISO 9001 certified)
  • ES series control panel specifications
  • In ES Series Control Panel seperate from the equipment body .
  • Has Hour Meter, Malfunction Indıcator Led. (Except E 50 UV.)


In all designs AKM value accepted lower than 50 mg/l and design made with 0.9 mm Fiber.

  • Production flowrates for well water which has 15 NTU Turbidity 3 mg/l DOC value. Feed pump capacity will changed for the different turbidity values, so production flowrates will be change. Operation and BW durations dosage durations adjusted during the system put into use according to water analysis.
  • For chemical dosage pumps selection 250 mg/l CaCO3 alkalinity value, 1000 us/cm conductivity, 20 centrigrade water temperature are accepted. Pumps are selected according to ph 2,5 - ph 12.
  • Required minimum feed flowrate and pressure are shown in the table.
  • For UF160, 260, 360 series chasis will be compact St-37 epoxy painted carbon steel.
  • For UF460, 660, 860, 1060 series chasis will be Track UF chasis + for face piping st-37 epoxy painted carbon steel.
  • Gray water Aqualine UF series come at with the SS304 stainless steel compact chasis.
  • For backwash tank UF product water tank accepted to use in all devices.
  • Minimum required tank volumes are shown in the table. Stainless Steel backwash pumps included the price. Product water tank is a customer procurement.
  • PN10 PVC piping used in the all systems.
  • Automatic valves will be pneumatic actuated.           
  • Product water flow meters will be inlene type.
  • Glycerin manometers will be used.
  • Chemical dosage pumps will be the SEKO brand.
  • In the Aqauline Professional and Gray Water devices PLC controller will be used. (Operator panel is optional.)
  • For the event that washing the UF modules, manuel washing systems are priced optionally.

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