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- Temperature and Pressure Logger

The AQUAlogger 520 is a miniature instrument, capable of monitoring accurate temperature and pressure measurements at depths of up to 1000m. The device is a flexible alternative to thermistor chains, given its self-contained design. The AQUAlogger 520 is an appropriate instrument for both ocean and environmental applications.

  • Long term deployments
  • Temperature distribution surveys
  • Flexible alternative to thermistor chains
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Time series of temperature at fixed depths/points

Convenient design

  • The self-contained and compact design means the AQUAlogger 520 gives operators greater flexibility in deployment.
  • The instrument has a narrow diameter (just 32mm), which makes it suitable for taking accurate measurements in small spaces.
  • The AQUAlogger 520 has a USB-connected reader, which allows for easy uploading of up to 250,000 logged parameter readings, using a wireless communication system.
  • Since the AQUAlogger 520 does not require any connectors, you can be confident your data is protected against leaks.

Long-term deployment

  • The AQUAlogger 520 has a battery life of up to 5 years for a typical deployment setup.
  • With an expansive memory that can store up to 250,000 parameter readings and its low power technology, this low maintenance device will save you time and money in the field.

Reliable sensing

  • Each logger is individually calibrated by our expert team.
  • Aquatec offer an annual service and calibration plan, to ensure continuity of reliable data.
  • The logger can be supplied with pressure and temperature sensors, or temperature only, to enhance your understanding of the environment.

Ready to use

  • We supply you with everything you need to get started, including a reader, software and manuals.
  • The AQUAlogger is a cost-effective solution when purchasing many of the same instrument, as you will only need one reader to communicate with all of your loggers.

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