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- Model 96 - Oil / Water Separator


The self-contained, portable, Oil / Water separator. Ready to go anywhere to skim fuel from water and leave all the water clean on site.Restoration has become a major focus for the mining industry. Reclamation of contaminated soil in-situ, making it a cost effective and sensible solution.

AOUAMAT 96 has been primarily developed as Emergency Response for oil spills in water In the event of such an accident the expenditure of money and manpower are usually excessive. The AQUAMAT 96, a mobile and self-contained separator unit, will reduce these liabilities drastically Onsite separation eliminates the need of hauling unjustified amounts of emulsions to a distant cleanup plant.

The unit is equipped with a specially designed pump to eliminate emulsion dunng processing, driven by a variable speed, explosion proof Electro-motor, powered by a portable generator set Auxiliary equipment consists of a float skimmer, hoses, leveling jacks and tools required for an independent operation. This Swiss made unit built in stainless steel and aluminum is explosion proof and complies with international fire codes.

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