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The convenient solution for up to 16 PT* or 2.4 m3 of wastewater per day. Submersible motor aerator for fine bubble aeration and gentle agitation in the treatment tank – specially developed for employment in small wastewater treatment plants. Using a patented flushing surge, pump and pipe system are cleaned of residual sludge before the pumping-out process. This protects the environment and preserves the available percolation. German Patent: DE 100 57 378. Frame made from recyclable plastic – stable, maintenance-friendly and light. 10 years guarantee.


You live in the countryside, are not connected to a municipal sewer network and are responsible yourself for the treatment of your wastewater?
No problem – with the AQUAmax® an own small wastewater treatment plant is simpler than you think ...!

All you need are an invisible tank embedded in the garden, with three chambers separated from each other, an AQUAmax® mounted in one of these, a wastewater feed pipe from the house into the wastewater treatment plant as well as a discharge of the treated water in the open - finished. All other matters are taken care of for you, fully automatically by the AQUAmax®. Guaranteed!

The AQUAmax® treats inflowing wastewater in three cycles daily, each with a duration of eight hours. – Initially the wastewater reaches the preliminary settling stage, then follows the 4-phase cycle:

1. Charging phase
The water collected in the preliminary settling stage is fed into the treatment tank.

2. Treatment phase
The wastewater is treated during the six hour treatment phase. With this, agitation, aeration and pause periods alternate.

3. Settling phase
Activated sludge settles on the bottom during the settling phase.

4. Removal phase
In the removal phase the now cleaner water is pumped out of the plant.

Due to a special valve, newly developed by ATB, the submergible pump meets three requirements:

  • filling operation of the SBR chamber according to the suction principle (German Patent: DE 199 07 980)
  • sludge return feed
  • clarified water discharge

One pump less!
Less electrical connections, less units, more security!

Control centre aControl
Even less energy consumption through optimised process times, summer/winter operation as well as sludge removal operation!

Secure and quiet
All units are located in the tank and not in the house.

A special architecture makes the AQUAmax® BASIC particularly durable.

Always at the latest status through the AQUAmax® modular system.

Low maintenance/spare part costs
Now only two maintenance sessions per year, no wear-intensive blower.

First-class discharge values
Undercuts the required discharge values significantly!

National General Technical Approval and safety tested by the TÜV [German Technical Inspection Authority].

Most sold SBR small wastewater treatment plant in Germany.

Comprehensive parts guarantee
10 years on the frame, 24 months on all electrical and mechanical parts.

Safety and service
Countrywide service network in Germany.

Sicherheit & Service
Flächendeckendes Servicenetz in Deutschland.


Fewer electrical connections, more security! Due to the patented ball technology the AQUAmax® BASIC requires one pump and one solenoid valve fewer than normal SBR plants. Which means fewer electrical connections, less risk of breakdown, more security. The principle: if the one pump starts up, water gets into the charging pipe via a robust special valve. This changes – depending on the duration of pumping – between filling/sludge removal and pumping-out. Short pumping: introduces the filling phase of the SBR tank. Long pumping: the special ball closes the charging or filling pipe completely after a few seconds, the water now gets into the clarified water outlet. Thus a large, heavy pump – that is one electrical unit – replaced completely by a small sphere!


The unique, special level switch AQUAswitch©, integrated in the AQUAmax pipe system, operates practically wear-free, is self-cleaning and switches with millimetre precision.

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