- Model CLASSIC - Small Wastewater Treatment Plants



The flexible solution for up to 50 PT* or 7.5 m3 of wastewater per day. Frame made from recycable plastic – stable, maintenance-friendly and light. 10 years guarantee. Using a patented flushing surge, pump and pipe system are cleaned of residual sludge before the pumping-out process. This protects the environment and preserves the available percolation. German Patent: DE 100 57 378. Submersible motor aerator for fine bubble aeration and gentle agitation in the treatment tank – specially developed for employment in small wastewater treatment plants.

The flexible solution for up to 50 PT* or 7.5 m3 of wastewater per day!

  • Upgradeable! : The AQUAmax CLASSIC can be extended individually through the unique module system.
  • One pump less! : Less electrical connections, less units, more security!
  • Control centre aControl : Even less energy consumption through optimised process times, summer/winter operation as well as sludge removal operation!
  • Secure and quiet : All units are located in the tank and not in the house.
  • Durable : A special architecture makes the AQUAmax® CLASSIC particularly durable.
  • Future-secured : Always at the latest status through the AQUAmax® modular system.
  • Low maintenance/spare part costs : Now only two maintenance sessions per year, no wear-intensive blower.
  • First-class discharge values : Undercuts the required discharge values significantly!
  • Certified : National General Technical Approval and safety tested by the TÜV [German Technical Inspection Authority].
  • Experience : Most sold SBR small wastewater treatment plant in Germany.
  • Comprehensive parts guarantee : 10 years on the frame, 24 months on all electrical and mechanical parts..
  • Safety and service : Countrywide service network in Germany

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