CESCO Aqua Miser Inc.

- Model E150V - Ultra High Pressure Water Blast Pump



The Aqua Miser® Ultra BOSS model E150V is a state of the art 150 HP electric motor driven water blast system designed for single tool or dual gun operation. The Ultra high pressure triplex plunger pump is capable of delivering pressures to 40,000 psi at 6.3 gpm in single tool mode or 3.1 gpm per gun in the dual mode. At these lower flows there is much less thrust from the gun working against the operator. This directly relates to less fatigue and chance of injury. Also less water is required to complete the job. Equipped with a variable speed drive, the operator can set the desired blast pressure via a color graphics touch screen operator interface. The drive will adjust pump rpm as pressure is automatically maintained by compensating for tip wear. Machine controls and diagnostics can be accessed from this interface – making operation and troubleshooting a snap!

Our BOSS Media Injection Module patented abrasive system is available for use with this system for results that water alone cannot achieve. This pressurized abrasive system can push media over a hundred feet. Abrasive stays dry until reaching the injection head where it mixes with the water and is evenly distributed into a wide fan pattern with blast angles from seven to fifteen degrees. Any type of abrasive can be used – such as baking soda – to clean delicate surfaces such as aluminum, stainless, chrome, copper, brass, fiber glass, wood, masonry and more – and garnet or aluminum oxide – to achieve results just like sandblasting without the dust! The BOSS reduces environmental issues and eliminates worker health issues.

  • No need for high maintenance un-loader valves.
  • The machine operates only when the operator actuates the gun trigger.
  • The system is designed to save electricity, minimize pump wear and water consumption.
  • Directly coupled to the motor for higher efficiency.

  • Lower volume and quieter operation
  • Proven and efficient in-line valve design.
  • Fluid section is made from all stainless steels designed to withstand the high pressures.

  • No specialty tools needed to work on the fluid section.
  • Easy to use controls, the 10' color touch screen provides full instrumentation for monitoring and control of the system.
  • Fault indicators for safety shut down system for all machine functions provide enhanced safety and dependability.
  • Featuring digitally displayed gages for high-pressure, filter differential, air and water level.
  • Diagnostics and updates are also available over the internet.

  • Heavy Paint and Other Coatings Removal (water only)
  • Optional High Pressure Fan Gun Great For Thinner Coatings Removal, including Powder Coatings.
  • Versatile, for applications ranging from 5,000psi-39,000psi to work more effectively.

  • Safe, Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly Bicarbonate of Soda Stripping
  • Easy, Quiet Operation
  • Electronically Maintained Pump Setting
  • Long Life, Heavy Duty Triplex Plunger Pump
  • Durable Materials & Design to Minimize Wear
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Fault Indicators for Enhanced Safety, Dependability
  • Energy Efficient Direct Drive
  • Integrated Water Filtration System
  • Cost Saving Waste Management
  • No High Maintenance Unloader Valves 

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