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- Model II - Acrylic Enamel Coating



A new and improved single component, water borne, chemical resistant, acrylic gloss enamel. Aquanaut© II Acrylic Enamel has improved flow & leveling characteristics, extended color & gloss retention and better dry fall capabilities. Aquanaut© II does not contain lead or chromates, is very low in volatile organic content and is available in a wide variety of colors. Conforms to ANSI/AWWA D102-06, OCS-3.

USE: As an attractive finish for most interior or exterior surfaces including steel, wood, weathered or primed galvanizing and masonry. Aquanaut II Acrylic Enamel offers long-term corrosion protection, mildew resistance, very good gloss and color retention on tanks, towers, bridges, structural steel, pipes and similar structures. May be used direct to metal in general to mild industrial environments. Aquanaut II is compatible over many aged paints (test patch is recommended). For mild to moderately aggressive environments, use Aquanaut Acrylic Primer and Aquanaut II Acrylic Enamel as a two or three coat system. May apply 'dry fall' under most conditions (see APPLICATION). Aquanaut II is compatible with Induramastic 85, Indurazinc MC-67, PE-70 and other Induron mid and low sheen products.

LIMITATIONS: Do not use for immersion service. Not resistant to strong acids or aromatic solvents. Keep from freezing. Do not apply over oily surfaces.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Steel (Non-immersion)—If the intended use is indoor, enclosed, or a mild environment; clean steel to a minimum of SSPC-SP 2 Hand Tool Cleaning. For other exposures, clean steel to a SSPC-SP 6 Commercial Blast. Galvanized Steel— Clean to a SSPC-SP 2 Hand Tool Cleaning. Prime with Induron Vinyl Wash Primer. Previously Painted Surfaces—Remove all surface contaminants. Clean rusted areas in accordance with SSPC-SP 2 Hand Tool Cleaning to bare metal. Dull glossy surfaces and feather edges for uniform appearance (test patch is recommended).

COVERAGE: Theoretical—578 ft2 per gallon at 1.0 mil dry film thickness.

DRY FILM THICKNESS: 2.0 to 4.0 mils per coat

WET FILM THICKNESS: 5.5 to 11.0 mils per coat.

APPLICATION: Airless Spray—Use .013-.017 tip; 60 mesh filter; 30:1 pump ratio at 1500-2000 psi operating air pressure. Conventional Spray—Follow instructions of equipment manufacturer for the application of water borne paints. Attention: Dry overspray can be wiped or washed from most surfaces. Satisfactory dryfall performance depends upon height of work, weather conditions and equipment adjustment. Low temperature and high humidity are of particular concern. Test for each application as follows: Spray from 15 to 25 feet towards paint container. The material then should readily wipe off. Note: Heat can fuse-dry overspray to surfaces. Always clean dry overspray from hot surfaces before fusing occurs. Be aware that exterior surface temperatures can be higher than air temperatures. Roll—Use short nap to medium nap synthetic roller cover. Brush—Use synthetic bristle brush.

THINNING: Not normally required for brush and roller application. Some thinning with water may be necessary (up to 10% by volume) for spray application. Clean with warm water and soap.

CLIMATE: Use this product only if the substrate temperature and ambient air temperature is above 45°F (7°C) and is expected not to decrease for at least two hours after application. Also, the substrate temperature must be 5°F above the dewpoint for a period of at least two hours after application to avoid condensation occurring on wet paint.

TO HANDLE—30 minutes at 80°F - 18 hours at 45°F
TO RECOAT—4 hours at 80°F - 18 hours @ 45°F


  • VOLUME SOLIDS: 36% ± 1%
  • SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 49% ± 1%
  • WEIGHT PER GALLON: 10.4 ± .2 lbs per gallon
  • VOLATILE ORGANIC CONTENTS: Unthinned or thinned 10% - < 1.6 lbs/gallon; < 100 grams/liter
  • COLOR: Unlimited

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