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Aquaneering uses Propeller Washed Bead Filters for mechanical removal of suspended solids. Bead filters are combined with our Fluidized Bed Biofilters for a complete water filtration system. Bead filters provide efficient mechanical filtration down to 20 microns in size and use very little water for backwashing. Aquaneering’s proprietary backwash manifold design also makes backwashing possible without shutting the system down. And with the optional auto-backwash feature, these filters by far will require very little to no-maintenance and be the easiest and most trouble free to use. The packed bed of plastic beads, through which water from the rearing tank is passed, captures solids, and clarifies the water. Bead filters remove suspended solids by different mechanisms, as the recirculated water is passed through the plastic bead bed. Physical straining is probably the most dominant mechanism for the larger particles (>80 microns).

The suspended particles between 20 to 80 microns are removed by interception, a subtle process caused by collisions between the particle and the bead media surface. Bead filters are excellent clarification units, capable of maintaining display quality water at high waste loading rates.

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