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A range of reactors utilising high power Low Pressure High Output Amalgam lamps specifically designed for pure water applications. These units have been sized to operate in conjunction with the Membrel ozone units and are predominantly utilised for de-ozonation of pure water ring mains.

The Aquaray LPTS range has been especially designed for water deozonation and can be applied after the MEMBREL ozone generator. The units are internally finished to the highest standards as required for installation in ultra-pure water systems.


  • Ultrapure water


  • Low Pressure High Output Amalgam lamp
  • Stainless Steel industrial finishing
  • Tri-Clamp connections


  • Protects ozone sensitive systems from oxidation damage
  • Allows use of higher ozone concentrations in oxidation processes
  • Simple lamp replacement reduces system downtime
  • Simple to install and operate


The Aquaray LPTS range has been designed for ozone destruction applications in industry. In most cases, it is necessary that water passing to the use points is free of ozone and to accomplish this a UV system must be built into the circulation system immediately before the first consumer point.

The UV dose (UV Intensity x contact time) defines the treatment efficiency which is provided by the unit. The effective dose applied in ozone destruction is between 120 and 140mJ/cm².


Lamps producing UV at a wavelength of 254nm will reduce the ozone concentration down to below the measurable limit of 0.005mg/l (5ppb), by transforming the Ozone (O3) back to Oxygen (O2). The UV system can be controlled so that they are only on when the water is being drawn from the circulation system.

During other periods, e.g. overnight or over the weekend, the UV unit will be switched off allowing ozone to sanitise the complete network.


  • Designed for ultra pure water applications
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Exceptional lamp life of 16 000 h

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