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- Model CF20 SQ - Sequential Sampler



The sampler CF20 SQ offers the possibility to carry out a sequential sampling on 16 channels, each of which programmable indifferently in low or high flows. This possibility allows the operator to sample dust and gas in a single cycle.

The management of the entire instrument is entrusted to a microprocessor and to a program with which the operator can converse through a keyboard and an alphanumeric display. It is possible, in addition to put the sampling time, the delay time and the time of break between one channel and another, even view and control the parameters related to the sampling in progress as well as the elapsed time, the programmed time, the air temperature to the counter, possible black-out, the number of channels and activation of the sampling routine.

The volume of sampled air is automatically normalized at the end of sampling at a pressure value previously programmed by the operator (the air temperature at the entrance of the counter is automatically measured by an appropriate sensor. The firmware also performs the mean of the measured values).

Each of these data is printed at the end of the sampling of each channel from the printer housed in the command module so as to give the operator a detailed view of the entire sampling period.

The sampler CF 20 SQ is designed with a modular philosophy: the module sampler, which contains all devices designed to make the sampling, is connected via a single air hose and an electric cable to sampling ramp containing the electrovalves to which can be connected sampling devices.

  • Diaphragm pump with double head
  • Flow Range: 0.25 40 l/min (30 l/min with filter)
  • Pump prevalence: 640 mm Hg
  • Volumetric meter resolution: 0.2 liters
  • Vacuum measurement: via built-in vacuum gauge
  • Flow measurement: using precision flowmeters
  • Measure the volume: by volumetric counter
  • Temperature measurement: via sensor with display of the actual value and, at the end of the sampling, the average temperature of the sample
  • Normalizing to 25 degrees Celsius (on request also at 0 degrees Celsius) of the sampled volume by microprocessor
  • Protection against power failure and storing data. Restoring the power back to the operating conditions
  • Up to sixteen programmable channels

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