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- Model HV CF20 - Basic - High Volume Dust Sampler



CF 20alfa Basic HV is an ideal instrument for all the operators who request to a sampler to be extremely reliable, careful in measurement as well as handy and versatile in use. This instrument, connected to the most various accessories designed in compliance with the law in force regulations, can operate sampling of dust in the workplace, immissions and emissions.

  • Chassis: front and back in high density polyurethane
    • rear aluminium
    • rounded corners
    • (The body of polyurethane and aluminium prevents rust and makes the instrument lighter and more pleasant. The elimination of sharp edges ensures full compliance with current regulations)
  • Control console protected by a plexiglass panel transparent closed with a padlock
  • Pump: dry rotary
  • Flow range: 5 60 l/min free air (50 l/min with 0,8 ìm filter)
  • Activation of sampling: using timer programmino allows the setting of the following functions:
    • current hour
    • start and end of sampling
    • setting up to 8 cycles of sampling
    • Legal Hour
    • sampling can be switched on and off manually
  • Flow measurement: by means of high precision flow-meter
  • Volume measurement: by dry flowmeter and partial meter on LCD display and security key to reset and block
  • Precision of volumetric counter: 0,2 litri
  • Temperature measurement: thermocouple through with display of actual value
  • Vacuum measurement: by means of an incorporated vacuum-gauge
  • Steam trap at the back of the instrument
  • Power supply: mains 220 V 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 51 (h) x 35 (p) x 31,5 (l) cm
  • Weight: 17.8 kg

The instrument comes with a convenient handle removable plastic canvas

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