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- Acoustic Suspended Sediment Profiler


The AQUAscat 1000R represents a new generation of high frequency acoustic instrumentation. It has applications in sediment transport studies, including measurement of suspended sediment profiles, precision altimetry, dredge plumes and turbulence.

The AQUAscat transmits pulses of high frequency sound on up to four transducers, each of which may operate at a different frequency. It measures the sound scattered by sediment or other suspended materials at discrete spatial intervals programmable from 2½ millimetres to 4 centimetres. For altimetry, this may span a few tens of centimetres; for monitoring sediment suspension profiles, a total range of around 1- 2 metres is typical; while dredge plume estimation may extend to 10 metres. The instrument is supplied in a subsea housing suitable for long-term unattended deployments. Batteries for various deployment schedules are available to order.


  • Sediment transport studies
  • Dredge plume monitoring

Key features

  • The AQUAscat 1000R can observe profiles of up to 10 m.
  • With the AQUAscat 1000R you can choose between 7 frequencies (300 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 2.5 MHz, 4 MHz and 5 MHz) and benefit from having the most appropriate frequencies for your research. The instrument can use up to 4 frequencies at a time.
  • For the most flexible sediment research, the AQUAscat 1000R has 4 cabled transducers (4 m in length) to give greater freedom in deployment and operation.
  • Once you have setup the burst sampling in AQUAtalk, you can be confident that the AQUAscat 1000R is operating at set intervals chosen by you.
  • For long-term deployments the AQUAscat 1000R can be connected to an external battery pack.
  • The instrument has integrated temperature and depth sensors to give you a better understanding of the water environment.
  • Aquatec offer an optional turbidity sensor that can be integrated with the AQUAscat 1000R. This provides a separate single point measurement of turbidity, giving optical measurements as well as acoustic. This feature is ideal for water quality monitoring, dredge monitoring and aquaculture projects.
  • The AQUAscat 1000R can be used in water depths of up to 1000 m.

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