- Rover Station

AquaShepherd Rover station: a world first in plug and play water quality measurement technology. This machine delivers high quality measurement data, low maintenance and an ability to measure new water chemistry parameters.


Most Reliable Water Quality Data in the Industry!

The unique station design provides several advantages over traditional in-situ measurement, for example:

  • Data is more accurate and stable
  • Entirely new water quality parameters can be measured
  • Sensor lifetime can be extended

High quality components combine with clever automatic cleaning and simple calibration to secure for long term, reliable operation, with very little maintenance.

Not just water quality!

The Rover Station can connect to pretty much any instrument that may already be on site. A user-friendly touch screen even allows on-site water quality chemical tests and notes to be recorded for instant upload.

Convert Raw Data into well-informed decisions!

All data logged by the Rover Station is automatically loaded online to Interactive Dashboards. Relevant KPIs are automatically calculated for real time understanding of how water treatment systems are performing.

AquaShepherd Rover station:

The AquaShepherd Rover is a robust station that draws water samples from multiple places to its heart. Here the most sensitive water quality parameters are measured in a controlled environment. From this rugged platform further sensors are drawn out to gather data in-situ.

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