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Aquachem provides novel and value-added products* to replace conventional chemistries and meet the needs of wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. Aquasil wastewater treatment is an innovative single-step process based on fast kinetics and synergistic effects and intended for the removal of contaminants from the waste stream. The treatment is very simple and easy to implement and designed to serve a dual purpose, achieve compliance at an affordable cost and to protect the environment. It eliminates problems encountered in the use of liquid, dangerous chemicals in conventional techniques.

AQUASIL wastewater treatment is a fast treatment process based on the simultaneous removal of contaminants from waste streams. The treatment employs stand-alone products which are designed to deliver, clean effluent and stabilized non-hazardous waste.

Graph below shows test results for an Aircraft Maintenance Operation. All metals present were removed to below discharge limits. TCLP test data shown in the Table indicates that generated solid waste is non-hazardous.

Environmental Remediation
DURAFIX products are highly effective materials intended for solidification and stabilization of waste and sludge materials. Waste materials from industries such as metal finishing, mining operations, smelting, oily sludge and hydrocarbon contaminated soil can be stabilized effectively with DURAFIX and rendered non-leaching. Treated waste passes the U.S. EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure ( TCLP).

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