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Kaiser AG

- Model 15–18 Tons - Water Recycling Vehicle



The CityCycler is the smallest sewer cleaning vehicle with continuous water recycling, built on a 2-axle chassis with a gross vehicle weight of 15-18 tons. The vehicle’s compact dimensions give it maximum mobility in tight spaces. The jetting and suction hose boom at the rear of the vehicle reduces the space required at the job site. With the integrated fresh water tank, jetting operations can also be performed with clean water.

Proven, high-performance KAISER components
KDU, KWP and ROTOMAX are the proven core components of the vehicle. The maximum jetting performance of 220 litres per minute and 200 bar, an air flow of 900 m3/h and the Rotomax filter technology make deployment with water recycling possible even under tough conditions.
The CAN bus system ensures top operating comfort as well as efficient working performance.

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