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With MICROSEPARATOR, you can produce drinking water which meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. Without large water tanks, simple, compact and highly robust. MICROSEPARATOR works with a minimum of maintenance and running costs.

The lake water is filtered with MICROSEPARATOR to a level of 5 or 10 microns. A microprocessor monitors the pressure loss and automatically triggers backwashing when necessary. The filtered water then runs through an activated charcoal filter which neutralises the taste and odour of the water. Finally, the water is disinfected using UV-C rays, freeing it from germs, bacteria and viruses. A small pressure reservoir is then sufficient to ensure enough water for backwashing and to cope with consumption peaks.

  • A constant supply of fresh drinking water on board without dependency on a harbour
  • No more large reservoirs on board which take up space and in which germs can grow
  • Low space requirements which can first be adjusted to suit the existing circumstances.
  • Very low operating costs
  • Minimal and simple maintenance

Around 50 MICROSEPARATOR drinking water treatment units on Lake Zürich, Lake Zug, Lake Brienz, Lake Constance, Lake Tegernsee, Lake Achen and Lake Maggiore have been working successfully year after year. A microprocessor constantly monitors the filtration process and the effectiveness of the disinfection. If a problem occurs, the unit sounds an alarm and automatically switches off.

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