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The standard Aquasyn two-way valve is available in sizes 1/4″ to 6″ and can be supplied in any number of configurations with options involving body type, diaphragm type, end connections and surface finish. Whether combined with our manual bonnets featuring smooth operating high temperature plastic handwheels or our pneumatic actuators, Aquasyn’s innovative design capabilities set us apart.

  • BPE Compliant machined bar stock bodies with controlled Sulfur
  • Integral valve body sealing ridge prevents entrapment of process media
  • Sizes from 1/4' to 6' provide process application flexibility
  • Exterior body surfaces radiused and sloped promote cleanability by wash-down or COP methods
  • Fully traceable bodies insure ease of validation / documentation
  • Drain angle marks etched on end connections insure self-draining alignment
  • Surface finishes available from 25Ra to 5Ra, mechanical and electropolished
  • Exotic materials including Hastelloy AL6XN and Titanium available upon request
  • Hygienic clamp, butt weld, orbital weld and special end connections available

1) Hastelloy is a trademark of Haynes International 
2) AL6XN is a trademark of Allegheny Ludlum

Our two-way weir type diaphragm valves feature robust construction, precision machining and state of the art surface finishes, with ASME-BPE compliant chemistry. 

All of Aquasyn's two-way and special configuration valve bodies are machined from 316L austenitic stainless steel bar stock. 

Aquasyn valves are fully traceable with Material Test Reports (MTRs) and Heat Numbers provided as standard.

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