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- Model SPILLBACK SB Series - Low Temp Hot Water (LTHW)



The SB Series of pressurisation units are designed to maintain a minimum set pressure in a heating or chilled water system. Should the pressure fall below the cold fill pressure the unit operates automatically to restore that pressure. If high or low Pressure conditions should occur the boiler/chiller operation can be interrupted via the volt-free contacts provided. The unit uses a suitably sized spill/fill tank to store the expansion water from the system and refill the system during the contraction phase. By utilising a spill valve the SB unit can maintain a maximum system pressure no greater thaN 0.6 bar above the cold fill pressure.

Chilled water systems, LTHW heating systems and also MTHW systems when used with an appropriate cooling vessel.

Boiler ratings up to 3500kW at 82°C. Heating system contents up to 35000 litres at 82°C
Chiller ratings up to 9000kW at 30°C ambient. Chilled system contents up to 400,000 litres at 30 °C ambient.

Low system working pressures using the fill and spill principle. Reliable microprocessor/transducer control. Modular design with small footprint.

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